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Art Studies in CHINA

The ARTIS China Program

Photo taken on ARTIS Tour

We will not be offering our China program for the summer of 2005. We will offer the program again in 2006.

The China Summer program offers an opportunity to participate in intensive three week Summer Courses in local Chinese painting, Chinese handwriting and paper cut and carving in the historic setting of Kunming. It provides a unique work experience wherein the participants can record and render their impressions surrounded by the remains of the Traditional and the energy of the Twentieth Century.

To introduce students and professionals to China and its rich culture and artistic heritage. To provide opportunities for students to express their impressions through studio and field exercises. Participants will have the opportunity to work and make art "on location" within a wide range of environments, such as historic city centers, famous parks and gardens, museums, and in the countryside as well as the Yunnan Art College.

The Program will have daily field trips to temples and museums throughout Kunming and Yunnan Province with excursions to Dali, Lijiang and the Stone Forest. A visual journal will be recommended, where impressions are recorded in mixed media. Photography will be encouraged for everyone.

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